Anyone who believes they can make a significant contribution to research in the pharmaceutical sector will be able to participate in the Event, making their expertise available in the implementation of innovative projects that could offer a solution to the three challenges set on the website. The Alfathon is open to all persons who are at least 18 years old and who register no later than 30/11/2020 on the website Registration can be done as a single individual or team member (maximum number of participants per team: 5). The website lets you present your basic idea and be contacted by other interested parties to offer their contribution to its development.
The maximum number of total participants is 150. Participation is personal and free of charge and does not determine any right to receive compensation, for any reason, or reimbursement of any expenses. Participation in the Alfathon is valid with full and complete acceptance of these regulations whereby all participants or teams agree, throughout the Event which will start on 3rd November 2020 and takes place remotely, to participate in a single theme, to use their own devices and to contact the company tutors according to a defined agenda, as well as to follow the workshops provided by Alfasigma. Furthermore, during the final event in Pomezia, selected participants agree to access the premises where the award ceremony will take place, as well as to treat any materials and equipment made available with the utmost care and diligence, to strictly adhere to the rules of safety and conduct and to be liable for any damage caused to people or things. In the event that the state of emergency caused by COVID-19 does not allow for the award ceremony to take place at the Pharmaceutical Research Centre indicated above. Instead, it will will take place remotely, through a digital platform that will be disclosed in time.
Each Team or single participant must be identified by a name and registered on the website The names of the selected Teams must in no way refer to companies or registered trademarks, nor contain or be associated with expressions that incite violence and/or discrimination, or expressions that are obscene and/or defamatory, under penalty of exclusion of the Team from the competition. All the information entered during the registration phase must be true and will be checked during the online registration phase by presenting an identification document, under penalty of exclusion from the event. Alfasigma employees and children under 18 cannot participate in any way in the Alfathon.

Performance Methods

The Alfathon officially starts on 3rd November 2020. Participants must therefore use their own IT tools (notebooks, laptops, etc.) and their own internet connection.

Expected output

The proposed design solutions can be of different types: apps, websites, wearables, devices, technological solutions and pages, videos and other innovative projects that can meet the set challenges.

The quality of the concept and the presence of a graphic mock-up or document will be evaluated by the jury in the final phase. The design solutions must be presented in a format chosen from PowerPoint, .pdf or video. It will be possible to attach additional materials useful for the evaluation of the project, such as feasibility plans, graphics, links, prototypes or tests.


The jury will be composed of 7 members selected, by way of example, from the academic, research and innovation world. They will be experts in the pharmaceutical field and will evaluate the projects received by the pre-established date. Presentation will consist of sending the project in the way preferred by the participants. The jury will be free not to grant awards if the proposed solutions are not appropriate to the problems presented and the challenges identified.


During the Alfathon, in order to help meet the objectives, each participant or team will be supported by company tutors identified by Alfasigma. The tutors will provide participants, individuals or teams, with useful indications and advice for carrying out the design solution.

Final Prize

The final prize, which consists of €5,000.00, will be awarded to the winning project (of a single participant or Team) and will be made official in March 2021 on a date yet to be defined, at the Pharmaceutical Research Centre in Pomezia (Via Pontina, Km 30,400).

In the event that the state of emergency caused by COVID-19 does not allow for the award ceremony to be held at the Pharmaceutical Research Centre indicated above, it will be held remotely, via a digital platform that will be disclosed in good time. The inauguration event will be postponed to a date to be defined and the ceremony, with the participation of the winner (or winning Team) will be organised accordingly.